Dreaming of Spring Gardening

I know winter is still with us, but it’s already time to start thinking of your Spring gardening!

We have plots available in both Wulfsohn and Cardiff gardens for the 2015 season. Click on the join the garden tab to start your application process. And don’t forget to check out our education information if you’re new to gardening or just need a few refreshers.

See you in the garden (in a few months)!

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Putting Gardens to Bed

Good Morning Gardeners,

Due to the balmy fall we have experienced, many of our gardeners still have food they have been harvesting. We are extending the date that all gardens must be put to bed until November 10th. At that time all plant material must be cut down and composted in your garden or removed to the dumpsters by the Community Center. All other structures must be anchored in garden so they won’t blow around. Hoses may be stored in your garden plot. Crops such as carrots, Kale, or other root crops may be left for harvesting at a later date. The gate will be locked. If you don’t know the combo we had last year please contact Kacey or Marilee.

Thanks everyone and have a great winter.

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Hello Gardeners,

Everything is beginning to grow in the gardens and we are hoping for a great growing season. There are just a couple of things that need to be passed on from the board from this weeks board meeting.

1) Any outstanding fees must be paid this week unless you have made arrangements with Marilee or Sharon.

2) The site committee from each garden will do a walk through on the 15th of each month and gardeners will be contacted individually regarding weeds or other issues.

3) After much consideration the board has decided to shut down all garden wide composting operations. We simply don’t have enough gardeners interested in putting in the time required to produce high quality compost. Starting this week all gardeners must remove their garden debris from the garden. The Wolfshon gardeners may use the dumpsters near the Community Center. Cardiff gardeners will need to dispose of their plant material waste at  home. We will be pursuing disposal options at Cardiff next week. The garden board meets the 1st Monday of the month if any gardener would like to discuss this issue any further.

4) We will only be using this forum to communicate issues that pertain to both gardens. Please watch for updates for your garden on the message board at your garden.

5) Finally, if any of our gardeners are interested in having a seat on the board please feel free to join us on Monday July 7th at 6:00 at the Community Center. It would be an opportunity for you to see what we do.

Thanks everyone and have great day.

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It’s Memorial Day Weekend and Everyone Wants to Plant

Hello Gardeners,

The weather is starting to heat up and everyone wants to get their plants in the ground but remember that Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, and Basil all prefer warmer nights. Last year we had a killing frost in the first week of June so be prepared to cover your delicate plants if necessary.  The gardens are beginning to shape up beautifully but after the rain and a few sunny days the weeds have really popped. Please remember that you are responsible for half of the path surrounding your garden. The Wolfshon Garden has 1 plot still available and the Cardiff Garden has 3+. Please send anyone you know that might be interested to the website for more information.

CANCELLED-  The CSU Master Gardeners will not  present their class on heirloom tomatoes tomorrow MAY 24TH.

Save The Date-

The Wolfshon Garden will host a “Get to Know Your Neighbors Night” at the garden on June 4th at 6:00 p.m..  Watch for more information.

Thanks Everyone and have a great weekend.





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Horaay!!! The Water is on in the Garden.

Hello Gardeners,

The city turned  the water on yesterday. Steve checked out the system and we are good to go. Please remember to pay attention for any water leaks and report them immediately. If you do discover a water leak or notice wet soggy ground surrounding one of the spigots, shut the system down at the water box and call the numbers on the emergency list posted in the shed.

We are still trying to collect a few outstanding fees. Please send your check to the P.O. Box before starting work in your beds. We have a few beds still available so please let us know if you have any interested friends.

We will be posting jobs for volunteer hour in the next few weeks in the shed. Watch for them.

Thanks Everyone and Happy Gardening

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Attention Returning Gardeners!

Please mail in fees and reread the garden rules for this 2014 season ASAP. Please let Marilee Rippy or Sharon Walters know if you have decided not to renew this year. Thank you.

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Plots Still Available for 2014

top collageThere are still plots available for this 2014 growing season in our community gardens. Please click on Join The Gardens and follow the application process to get started.

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